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This was the larges of the Valley night clubs of the 80's.
I remember the first time I was there I Heard the Remix to Buddy with De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest Jungle Brothers.Polly Esters Denver, CO Presently.With lots of teased haired goths and visited by Matt Dillon and Nick Nolte, it lotto nye priser was very dimly lit and didn't get started until.Man, were those the days!Wrex Seattle, WA 1980.As famous and legendary as the club itself was the Garage's DJ -the late Larry Levan.Mid to late 80's.They played the best of the best!(61st.) NY NY mid to late 80's.Trinity Hamburg, Germany Ca 1978 to 1988.However, if you wanted to get drunk you had to do it in the parking lot before you went.So many good memories and some really fuzzy ones.Would change its theme every month or so, and we all looked forward to dressing the part.It was located on tysk lotto vindertal Fair Oaks Blvd.To date, I have never been to a club whose system was as smooth.Goth clientle that were regulars everynight.
Club Broadway was the last gasp for new wave clubs in Seattle.
I made a lot of friends there and saw hundred's of bands play.
Water Fountain in the club!
Buttons Perrysburg, Ohio The 80's.
The Cuckoo's Nest was a great Punk club.Club which had 2 dimly lit floors and catered to a 18 crowd.Hundreds of people from Madrid or Barcelona came every weekend to the city, because while these cities just offered commercial music, many Valencia's clubs specialized in alternative pop.I went to Skoochies, City Beat, Club Broadway, Club Encore in Renton and this place Omni.The radio station was always holding contests, and remember pitchers.2 beer?Studebaker's was credited for being the first nightclubs to offer the free "16 Feet of All You Can Eat Buffet" as a way to get customers for Happy Hour.The crowd thinned out considerably in 92 or 93 when grunge killed metal.I was the.

This was an awesome club.