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Finger poke of doom

The incident was named "The Fingerpoke of Doom" both for Nash's deliberately over-selling the finger poke, and mandalay bay resort og casino for the negative ramifications the incident had for the company as a whole, with some wrestling journalists crediting it as the beginning of WCW's ultimate downfall and loss.
According to Dave Meltzer, the whole thing was a " work " between Hogan and Nash wherein Nash would discredit him backstage (the midcard wrestlers, like the viewerbase, were beginning to have doubts about Hogan's integrity thereby generating support for Nash once he eventually took.In The Presidio, Sean Connery is such a badass that he subdues a large biker dude with just his left thumb.Of course, with Shizuo being Shizuo, this still feels to the victims like someone smacked them in the face with a baseball bat.Q from Star Trek usually preface their godlike powers with something innocuous like a snap of the fingers or a random shaking of a hand.Archived from the original.Goldberg was handcuffed to the ropes, repeatedly shocked with a taser, and had "nWo 4 Life" painted in red and black paint all over his back.Godhand employs this trope with the Poke of God, although you'll need to whittle an enemy's health to near nothing for it to work.You'd fucking burn that building down.A b "Shoot With Kevin Nash".Films Animation In Hulk., Loki unleashes the Hulk from Bruce Banner by lightly "bitch slapping" Banner, which is powerful enough to throw Banner across the room.The first or second cousin.Perrenial Butt-Monkey Quasar doesn't even get an attack in before his patented Quantum Bands are exploded while making an unfulfilled Badass Boast.Fixit casually flicking Dr Octopus with one finger.Physical actions are required for bending to work, but it appears that the stronger you are, the less movement it takes.And a tiny fraction of the population can suffer asystole, or "flatline." Do not experiment on aalholm slot nysted this one.
Used in the Uncle Scrooge comic "Cash Flow" after the Beagle Boys have been zapped by an anti-friction ray and an anti-inertia ray one flick from his fingers sends them sliding all the way back to the prison.
Asterix : One of Obelix's favorite moves is to grab an opponent by the shirt/breastplate and simply slap them silly, which rattles even the most hardened Roman like a full-on flurry of punches.
Live-Action TV Buffy the Vampire Slayer : Kendra is hypnotized and rendered helpless during her duel with Drusilla, who casually slits her throat with one fingernail.
"Hulkamania Turns 25: Picture 12".
Fans parody Itachi's poke to Sasuke's forehead as this.
"History of the WWE Championship: Mankind's first reign".
Eric Bischoff's autobiography Controversy Creates Cah includes a chapter entitled The Turning Point That Wasn't.Heh." And then there is V and his/her Bugsby's Flicking Finger spell.However, to signify the reunion with the Wolfpac, Hogan used red spray paint.Of course, just one normal punch was all Saitama really needed to use.Fans had been burned one time too many by WCW and the nWo.Its weapon of choice is a kitchen knife, in a universe where ridiculously large swords and deadly magic spells are the norm.This is how Kenshiro got his scars.If you poked the poodle with doom, you have probably kicked the dog.And when Vader chokes Admiral Ozzel to death across a television screen, and a presumably long distance (they were on the same ship, but said ship is ten miles long).Justified since Loki's a god and Banner's a physical weakling.Or pulls his face into funny faces or pokes him.In The Divine Comedy, an angel taps a well-fortified Hellgate guarded by a thousand Fallen Angels with a tiny wand.Osmosis Jones : The evil virus Thrax.