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Casino event idle geroes reddit chips needed

casino event idle geroes reddit chips needed

We welcome both new and old players and we hope to be able to assist everyone.
So the event rewards are easy as could be to account for now.
Walter 500 gems gram slot arrangementer 2018 5/80 of the L/D of your choice 5/ g 937.5 gems 5* from 800 casino spins 400 g / 800.5 gems per spin normal casino spin 4* 400 g *.02 / 8 1 gem per spin 5* from casino spin 400.TL;DR: I think the reward from Casino event just barely cover the gems cost to buy best free real casino slots casino chips, if you are in very early game and/or early Aspen).I tried to be extremely conservative on the super casino chip ; realistically I think a danske spil poker kode L/D fodder is probably about 2000 gems and that everybody on monthly card should still be buying HS at 150 gems as often as possible.I should mention first that i'm a new player and am rather trying to understand the upside here.Assuming f2p, to get to the 300 mark of any Casino Event, you need to buy 240 chips with gems and 60 with gold, or 7200 gems and 6 mil Gold.But allow me to make things extremely simple - the first 100 casino spins are worth.5 gems each without accounting for any of the actual rewards from the normal casino wheel (so 29 gems ignoring the 1/1000 chance at a 5*.4 gems.Should new player just abandon Casino event (aka only do 20 roll every event till they can get deeper in Aspen and can buy at least 50 amount of Casino chips with gold?100 is a nice round rate, but the value of a super casino chip is something around 116 gems if you count 500 gem PO 150 gem HS 2000 gem L/D 5* fodder.
I also ignored gold just because I have no idea what to value gold in comparison to gems really.
What is your opinion?
When a player is at early game and cannot pass Easy Aspen, he/she doesn't get many offer of Casino Chips for Gold, and more often than not have to buy Chips with gems to complete or participate in Casino Event.
But the coins themself are already worth 7200 gems (240 coins at 240gems per 8 coins which doesn't seem like that great of a deal.
Buy 25 gem casino chips instead of 450 gem prophet orbs if you have to pick between the two, and buy 30 gem chips if you value Meme at any cost (over 25K gems).
The price is 10 Orbs, 100 spin for Gold (around 20 - 25 mil about 3 x 4 star shards, bunch of green stuff, some dust, some useless red gear, some artifact.
Let say the rate of chips buy with gems / gold to be 80 /.For the entire 240 spins to finish the "300 points you are.3 gems per spin before the 5 exchange store material and even if you only valued the L/D heroes at 10K gems, you would be.9 gems per spin, and with.The other biggest point of contention is probably "what is the L/D/hero of your choice worth in the monthly exchange store".40.4k Members897 Online, an Idle RPG.My personal take would be a casino chip's "specific" worth is about 28 gems now, without revising store hero values upward, since if you count PO at 500 gems and HS at 150 gems you're a bit over 28 a spin with the more conservative.Wouldn't it ultimately be more effective to only complete the 100 spins for 4 po sc to increase my returns(if even that)?Although i'm sure the 5* hero from the event completion might be worth a lot of gems as well it still seems like a mediocre event.So completing the event gives you 8 orbs, 8 sc, 1 5* and 5 feathers, which is about 6000 gems in value( not considering the aspen dungeon PO deal and the herorelics).I'm sure someone can give me some good reasoning, looking forward to hear what you guys can tell me!Earn experience, gold, and items offline while building a team of powerful heroes!You can even buy Meme now.