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According to reporting, in late 2002 or early 2003, the lead production engineer provided a representative of the Syrian-based Awad Amora Company with the same high-specification requirements for tubes as had been used with other prospective parate reporting confirms the Awad Amora procurement attempt, noting.
Another report from the rocket program notes that many of the changes made by the 2000 Committee did not make technical sense, as members were simply tightening specifications in order to appear effective in addressing problems.
Saids main role was to coordinate with the Finance Ministry to receive approval for the purchases and draw the hard currency from state funds when necessary.
ISG has not identified a materials research and fissile component manufacturing capability that would be required to reconstitute a nuclear weapons program.The facility was capable of manufacturing electronic switch gear and high-voltage power supplies for emis.Fadil Muslim Abd Al-Janabi, current head of the Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission (iaec which had its headquarters at Tuwaitha.Tuwaitha Maps, Buildings, and Numbers, key Findings, casino hotels near everett wa iraq Survey Group (ISG) discovered further evidence of the maturity and significance of the pre-1991 Iraqi Nuclear Program but found that Iraqs ability to reconstitute a nuclear weapons program progressively decayed after that date.Faris had worked for MIC, in Studies and Planning, and as Director General of the Al-Shaheen Company since 1996 and of the al Samud State Company since 2002.The mission completed its objectives and at present ISG has no plans for further exploitation at the complex.A colleague of Said also contracted with the Al Qaswar Company to provide a timing device using laser diodes to measure the speed of the rail gun projectile.The lead production engineer reportedly delivered his proposal after a few months, but Baqi rejected it as it would have required almost a complete redesign of the rocket.Basil al-Qaisi Former Director at the Saad Center, al-Qaisi was associated with the funding of the rail gun project.ISG was unable to determine the location or the current status of the CVL.Use of the iridium pellets.The Specialized Institute for Engineering Industries (siei) purchased a vertical-type balancing machine with a maximum balancing speed of 1,200 rpm.Fadil Al-Janabi Director iaec.The department was smallonly four engineerswhen it was set.According to an official from the Iraqi rocket program, no one was permitted to loosen the specification set by the 2000 Committee.
According to the MIC Director.
With the reported exception of latitude given to the Director General of Tho Al-Fiqar to further tighten tolerances, few changes reportedly were made to the imported tube requirements specified by the 2000 Committee.
These same sources, as well as documentary information found by ISG, indicate Shaheen visited the iaec rail gun project (see inset on Saddams Interest in Antiaircraft Weapons).
He was not told the nature of the project but learned that it involved the procurement of very precise machines.During the 1970s and early 1980s, Iraq bought uranium in various forms from the international market.Reporting indicates the relationship between the universities and the MIC and iaec was relatively ad hoc until the late 1990s, until efforts were made to send MIC and iaec projects to the universities.The Rotating Machinery Department also sought a balancing machine, which, at the minimum, would have helped Iraq maintain important skills that could have been applied to a renewed centrifuge program.Also in April 1987 a program, codenamed the Al-Husayn project (HP was formed under Husayn Kamil, supervisor of the State Organization for Technical Industries at the time, to study the steps required to start a nuclear weapons program in Iraq.

According to a former PC-3 nuclear design scientist, he was surprised when he learned that Al Ubaydi had retained centrifuge program documents in his home.
Al-Jazira (Mosul Feed Materials Production Facility) Al-Jazira (a.k.a.