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Poke genie ios safe

No need to enter stats yourself.
Features - Check IV of Pokemon efficiently and risk-free by automatic detection of stats from Pokemon Go screen overlay (screenshot mode also available) - Automatic detection of team leaders appraisal to narrow down IV combinations - Automatic CP arc alignment to calculate the exact Pokemon.Use the Breakpoint Calculator to find out the best levels to power up your Pokemon.How to check IV: 1) Set your current trainer level and team on Poke Genie main page 2) Press the start button to activate screen overlay of Pokemon Go 3) Open Pokemon details page and tap the Poke Genie floating button.Ever wonder how much CP your Pokemon will have after powering it up or evolution?Poke Genie is a must have guide app lenovo x260 ram upgrade for any Pokemon Go fan!With Poke Genie, you can effortlessly evaluate and keep track of your entire collection in Pokemon.
Features - Automatically align CP arc to calculate exact the Pokemon level (measured with pixel-level precision to give you the most accurate reading) - Display all IV combinations as well as IV range - Simulate power ups and evolutions - Display exact CP and.
This Pokemon Go IV Calculator app does NOT violate the TOS and will not result in a ban.
Poke Genie is a safe, reliable, accurate, and simple-to-use IV calculator for Pokemon Go an essential tool for every Pokemon Go player.
Follow us on Twitter @pokegenieinfo, disclaimer, poke Genie is a third-party app made by fans, and is not affiliated with the Pokémon brand, Niantic, Pokemon Go, or Nintendo.
Poke Genie Pro - Pokémon IV Berechnung iPhone.
Automatically import all unscanned screenshots at app launch and while running in the background - Display IV results immediately through banner notification while scanning in background - Toggle view between history and new unread scans - Remove ads, more Pro features coming soon.Even team leader's appraisal comments are automatically detected and filled.And, can you add an option to not automatically start the game?The all new Battle Simulator will pick top counters from your very own Pokemon collection to help you to boost your win rate, and reduce potion and revive usage.No need to enter stats yourself, and no need to leave Pokemon Go while checking IV!Tutorial for advanced features are available in the side menu.Disclaimer, poke Genie is a third-party app made by fans, and is not affiliated with the Pokémon brand, Niantic, Pokemon Go, or Nintendo.Let Poke Genie pick your team, assemble in the game and play.Poke Genie Pokemon Go IV Calculator App.With Poke Genie, youll never waste any dust and candies on a weak Pokemon!Tutorial poke genie para iondroid.With this method you can.Pokemon GO - Application Poke Genie (IOS et Androïd).

Supports French, German, Italian and Spanish Pokemon names.
IV is an indicator of the potential of a Pokemon, a critical criterion for wisely investing stardust and candies on the worthy Pokemon.
This app will change the way you play Pokemon.